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The Yeti

So, I have had this Sasquatch for a friend for right around forty-two years. We were part of a comedy group called Dr Unger and the Yeti or Tex Critter and Side-nudge (he doesn’t like to be kicked). Well, I guess we would have had to have an actual audience to be called a performing group. At some point in time I would like to copy the original 2 hour cassette tape we made back then into a modern, useful format. But we had created quite an interesting mythology surrounding the Yetis, knowing full well that Carter was possibly a Yeti – Caveman hybrid of some sort. If anyone could have even imagined such a thing as an internet. I have to say that a bit tongue-in-cheek anymore since I got into listening to old-time radio shows some many years ago.

There was a science fiction series called “X minus 1” and on their 31st episode, dated by Vintage Radio Shows as December 28, 1955, they aired a story called, “A Logic Named Joe.” If you want to listen to it for free you should be able to click here. I believe you can actually download it as well. My main caveat about links leaving my site stands, of course; which is that I can’t account for what other people put on their websites. You can read the story which I found in an anthology I bought, courtesy of Baen Publishing. The original short story was written by Murray Leinster in 1946. Read, “A Logic Named Joe.” This story describes the Internet with eerie exactness.

But, in the days I am talking about, i.e., the mid-1970s, Things like Visi-Phones (Think Skype, Duo and Facetime), communicators (Think flip-phones), and hand-held micro-computers (AKA, smartphones) that do all the things that a building full of computers could never have done, were all science fiction.

Back in those days, before Political Correctness ruled the world, we thought it was okay to make caveman jokes and yeti jokes. We didn’t know better back then. We only discovered the sensitive intelligence of the caveman after Geico Commercials came along and who, except Jack Link’s Beef Jerky company, had ever seen a Sasquatch, much less filmed one

I went all the way down that little time-travel bunny trail to say that if Youtube had existed back then we probably would have had a channel with either bazillions of subscribers or maybe 3 or 4 subscribers.

Anyway, I said all of that to say to my caveman-yeti hybrid friend, thanks for the cool shirt and Merry Christmas.



Those cans he’s carrying are Mountain Dew or Sundrop.


5 responses to “The Yeti”

  1. Amber Avatar

    I’m trying to figure out the best response to that picture but it’s failing me

    1. Herb Avatar

      I’m sorry you have failed.

  2. Carter Avatar

    I wasn’t sure on the size,but looks big enuff to wrap around all that ugly

    1. Herb Avatar

      It came out good. Thanks you. I don’t know if I can out class that one.

  3. Tony Laplume Avatar

    Been a fan of Big Foot for years.

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