Welcome New Followers!

I will admit that I had been skeptical of some of the tools that WordPress offers. It was confusing to me to try to connect my self-hosted WordPress blog with the WordPress community, but now that I have figured it out somewhat, with the help of The Storyteller over at Brothers Campfire, I am excited to see more new faces. Thank you guys so much for following me! Well, following my blog. If you were following me, that might be a little weird. And maybe boring for you, depending on how closely you followed me.

On August 9th, in an entry entitled, “Going Streaking,” I made a commitment to make an entry in this blog every single day. Since then I have only missed one or two times. I will be the first to admit, however, that they are not all the shining examples of extraordinary skill. Often, when it gets to be 11:25pm like it is now, and I realize I haven’t posted anything yet, even though I am working feverishly on a post that I really like, I will toss an old joke from some long-lost archives I have found up, just to say I didn’t miss a day. The jokes are ones that I personally like and are squeaky clean.

It is a thing with me that if you do grace my pages with a comment, I will most likely respond. Again, thanks so much for joining me.


I like comments and try to respond to them all if I can:

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