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A Few Sites I Frequent

Dear Fans, Friends, Fiends, Foes, Foundlings, and Frequenters,

Greetings, salutations, and, of course, Hi there! I was over reading at one of my favorite places on the web and wanted to share it with you. This may or may not surprise you and it may even crack you up, but one of the first pages I view in a day is Miss Manners. Her column often fields some very interesting questions that you would not expect. Her answers are normally brief and on occasion, pseudo-snarky. Of course, it would be quite rude if she were to snarkily answer someone, so I have to assume she is just that clever. You can check her column out at

There are five news sites that I scan first thing in the morning because I don’t trust the, as Tron Simpson so aptly calls it, “Mainstream, Lamestream Media.” Besides, the first one on the list, the Bing homepage, usually covers most of that. They have the liberal part taken care of and popular stories of the time by MSN, MSNBC, and CNN. There are a couple of upsides to them, though. One is they do include stories like the truck in Texas closing Interstate Highway 10 for thirteen hours because it spilled 40,000 pounds of avocadoes on the highway. I know, holy guacamole, right? Texas Avocado Spill: Accident Closes Freeway For 13 Hours. Another plus with Bing is that, if you have a Microsoft account, you can earn rewards points. You go to bing, sign in with your Microsoft account, and find the rewards page for your account. It’s all very fluffy, really, and does take a few minutes to answer quizzes or do searches but you can get some okay rewards if you persevere.

Most of the left-wing news media refer to Drudge Report as a conservative news site, but that’s not an accurate description. the site is a news aggregator compiling stories on topics from a wide variety of sources giving you the opportunity to decide. There are times he does write articles and do interviews, but it is very clearly stated when he does. He also has very interesting and odd articles that appeal to a lot of different interests. If you live in Colorado or have an interest in Colorado news you should look over Complete Colorado which is another aggregator, written in a similar fashion to Drudge. For the Right side of things, the Media Research Center‘s Newsbusters is great. They make no bones about where they stand and willingly take on the Left-wing Lunatics directly.

The last news site is run by a guy that I never really associated with news. There is a tech support guy on the Internet named Leo Noteboom. Leo started in computer programming in 1978, started working for Microsoft in 1983 and retired there in 2001. He started a website called “Ask Leo” in 2003 which I discovered by serendipity several years ago while trying to troubleshoot a problem I had. I liked his style of clearly explaining something but not fluffing it up or dumbing it down and I signed up for his e-mail newsletter. If you are having computer problems I really suggest searching his site first. He really has a lot of good information there. He does a few other sites as well, one of which is called “Not All News Is Bad” and every day he has some story from the news that is nice and pleasant and just generally makes you feel good.

That’s the first part of my morning routine visitations. It sounds like a lot when I read it back, but really, it took longer to write this than it usually does to do it. There are some mornings when a news story captures my attention and imagination and I will read everything I can find, but not always. Sometimes I scan all these pages and just go on to the next segment of my day. I will tell you where I go next, tomorrow.


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    How nice of you

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