As Promised: Pics

As Promised: Pics

Herb October 15, 2019

Edit/Add: I received an email today (10/16/19) with a few more pics from the balloon glow I didn’t have. I added them to the bottom.

When we left we charged up some broken, old cellphones and brought them with us and gave them to the kids who wanted to take pictures. Many came out good. There were a couple of glitches we ran into. The date and time stamps were really wonky for some reason and the quality of the pics themselves is kind of hit and miss. We also have not received everybody else’s files, yet, either.

Another problem I ran into was that we have, so far, without everyone’s files, 474 pics. Of course, they are not all contest winners but you have to try to include a few of each person’s. Now, another thing is that I have not worked extensively with the Gutenberg block editor much as it relates to photos. So, all that being said and with no further ado, here’s what happened, in pictures.

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    1. Thanks! They’re not all mine. She likes pigs and llamas so when they found this poncho at a vendor on a cold morning it was just the thing.

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