A Couple Of English Games And the Promise of A Story

No, Sorry. Not Rugby or Cricket or Bulldogs or anything like that. I mean that the English language is so weird it can only be grasped through tough thorough thought, though. What happens in golf when you cough in the rough? Different things from the Internet that I have gleaned over the years. Important thoughts to ponder, like, if “womb” is pronounced “woom” and “tomb” is pronounced “toom”, Why isn’t “bomb” pronounced “boom”? Why is tear and tier pronounced the same, but tear and tear are not?
So far, up until now, are you content with the content? I mean, are you paying minute attention this very minute?

Insert the word “only” in any empty space in the sentence below and watch how the sentence changes:
She told him that she loved him.

Or read this sentence out loud and stress a different word each time you say it:
I never said she stole my money.

Then editors and publishers wonder why authors use italics and bold. Okay, I know there are a couple of sticklers out there who will tell you that you should be able, by the context of other sentences in the paragraph and the scene, figure out what the author meant. I understand that, but I have read books and stories and blog entries where I honestly couldn’t understand what was going on.

As I was trying to find a good example of that, I came across an old folder with a bunch of unfinished stories and a couple of finished ones that I had backed up. Some are just junk, but there was one that I really remember having fun writing and enjoyed re-reading, which I shall share with you on the morrow. I don’t know if this is entertaining or interesting to you because I haven’t gotten too much response when I do them, but that’s okay, I guess. Perhaps I have disappointed some of my newer readers who were expecting everything I write to be on a higher spiritual plane, but longtime fans know that I am fairly random and kind of go in streaks (I’ve lost track of where I am at in this current streak of being consistent in posting). Sometimes it’s politics, sometimes it’s spiritual, sometimes it’s family news and sometimes it’s just ramblings about this and that but I always just kind of go with what I’m thinking about when I have a chance to sit down and type.


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