Waiting For The Baby

We have been expecting to have another grandchild for the last, oh, 6 or 7 months now and today is the day. Well, supposed to be the day. If nothing happens today they will induce her. I had understood that that was supposed to happen last night but I guess now. So, anyway, this guy will be coming at his own pace and get here when he gets here, I guess.

My wife is in Pueblo right now helping wait and encouraging the whole walking around thing. There’s been a little dilation and movement but he’s just gonna get here when he’s good and ready, I guess. In the meantime, I guess I better go boil some water or something. Did you ever notice, in the old movies and some books set in the past, that when the baby is about to be born, they always send the most useless person out of the room to go boil some water? While there are uses for warm compresses the real reason is to take the person’s mind off being hysterical by giving them a function.

Childbirth is an amazing miracle and I watched all four of my kids come into the world. It’s just the waiting around and boiling water that gets me. Well, at least I can make Grandma Pike some nice tea with it when it’s done. He’ll get here when he gets here.


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