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Some Things I Like

Back in the olden days of blogging, many of the blogs I would visit (many are not blogging anymore, but they used to) would have events like Silver Lining Saturday or Thankful Thursday and I really enjoyed that. I think I may take one of those up on a regular basis, but until I do, here is a list of things I like. Things that make me feel good about life. this is not an all-inclusive list by any means but here are some of the things I like.

Being listed on someone’s “favorite blogs” or “best reads” or even “blog dump.”

Math people (Really.  I’ve never been one, but some of my best friends are).

Funnies that are.

Vintage comics, whether serious or funny.




Homemade chocolate chip cookies without nuts. If you want me to be happy, bake me some soft and gooey chocolate chip cookies. Use the recipe on the back of the Tollhouse Chocolate chip package. Double-double points for using real butter. (If you want to show how much you hate me, put nuts in them, especially walnuts, which are of the devil and more vile than Brussels Sprouts.)

The daughter-in-law who told me I’m the best Father-in-law she has.


Friends who freely share their venison with me!

Having a third-grader tell me a joke.

Telling a joke to a third-grader.

Boy Scouts of America

Kids who are allowed to be kids.

Teaching a kid about popping your cheek and wiggling your ears.

Men or boys of any age who know how to shake hands like a man.  A firm but not crushing grip with eye contact and none of this fist-bump hand-jive nonsense.

Ladies of any age who are.



Louis L’Amour

The Bible

Teaching Sunday School.

Watching one of your Sunday School kids preach a sermon or work a puppet booth or lead a worship service or take charge of a youth group and dozens of other things that don’t spring to mind presently.

Making websites and putzing with them.







Cheese curds

Sundrop Soda



Holding hands with my wife


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  1. Amber Avatar

    You gots a lot and that’s cool

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