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A New Visitor

Yesterday morning the crows and ravens were making a huge and raucous noise. The previous day all of the other birds had been making a lot of noise. My youngest daughter went out to see why the crows were acting so strangely. This guy swooshed by her and up into our pine tree.

We were happy to see him. We had previously had a gopher trying to make a home here (until my grandson threw a rock and killed one and stuck the carcass back down his hole and we haven’t seen any since) and there has been a mouse we have seen outside the patio door, so this guy comes at a very good time. So the crows don’t like him and the little birds fear him, but he is welcome here.


5 responses to “A New Visitor”

  1. Amber Avatar

    It’s always nice to have an owl

    1. Herb Avatar

      I like him.

  2. pendantry Avatar

    That perch looks a bit… unstable. Are you sure that image hasn’t been rotated 90 degrees to the right?

    And… aw, poor gopher. They have a right to live, too!

    1. Herb Avatar

      Thanks for letting me know about the pic. It should be fixed. As to the gopher(s), I’d be happy to let them come live with you. I don’t use chemicals or poisons so natural predators are the best. Poor owl. He has a right to eat, lol.

      1. pendantry Avatar

        Cool; he looks much happier, now.

        So… your grandson is a ‘natural predator’, huh? Remind me not to cross him 😉

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