10 Plagues Vs Gods of Egypt

This is a handout I had put together for a Sunday School lesson one time. Not an all-inclusive list, but I think you can get the point. It was an un-dated piece in the archives. Sorry for the poor formatting.

Scripture Plague Israel Exempt? Egyptian God(s) involved
1)  7:14 – 25 Nile River to blood No Hapi – spirit of the Nile Khnum – guardian of the Nile
2)  8:1 – 15 Frogs
In their beds, on their heads, and in their breads.
No Heqt – form of a frog Hapi – spirit of the Nile
3)  8:16 – 19 Swarms of Lice/Gnats No Uncertain; perhaps an attack on Egyptian Priests
4)  8:20 – 32 Flies Yes Uatchit – a god who manifested himself as a fly
5)  9:1 – 7 Disease on the Cattle Yes Apis bull revered; Sacred bulls and cows Ptah, Mnrvis, Hathor
6)  9:8 – 11 Boils/Sores on Man and Animal Yes Sekhmet – goddess with power to heal. Serapis – healing god
7)  9:12 – 35 Destruction of Crops and Cattle by Hail Yes Seth – protector of crops Nut – sky goddess
8)  10:1 – 20 Destruction of Crops by Locusts
4 inches deep
Yes Isis – goddess of life Seth – protector of crops
9)  10:21 – 29 Darkness Yes Re – sun god Atum – god of setting sun
10)  11:1-10 Death of the Firstborn Yes – if blood properly applied Osiris – giver of life Pharaoh also was considered deity

4:2  A rod = A shepherd’s crook.  Shepherds are an abomination to Egyptians

5:2  In Egypt the king was generally considered a god and he refused to acknowledge YAHWEH

7:9 – 10  The word for serpent is different from that used in 4:3 and may indicate a monstrous snake, or possibly a crocodile

9:23  Hailstorms are a rarity in Egypt, a fact that heightened the effect of the miracle.

Memory Verse: Exodus 8:1 “Thus saith the LORD, Let my people go, that they may serve me.”

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Tony Laplume
August 31, 2019 12:35

I don’t think it’d been pointed out, to me, before, how the plagues were direct challenges to Egyptian gods. But this was a timely read for me. We had “a plague of frogs” (one frog) in the classroom yesterday. (I was one the one who called it a plague.)

August 28, 2019 21:49

That’s a really cool study. I enjoyed that tremendously. Thank you.