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Watch Out For Old Stuff Coming

I was going through some files on one of my backup drives and found some stuff from ’09. I used to do all my blogging in Microsoft Word and save it, then post it to my current blog at the time. When I set up this website and made this my permanent blog I tried to copy and paste everything from there over to here, which is why you can find my very first blog post 10/04/04 ( ) in the archives here.

But I did not have them all backed up to the same place and at the same time and so I lost some. I thought. There are, apparently, a few I missed. To deal with this I am going to post them to the correct date and time and add a note in the current day’s blog with the link to the original. If I update it in any way then I will post the updated version here along with a link to the original.

If you are an e-mail subscriber it is possible you will get two e-mails but if you are new and happen across my page, you will see the post. Besides, then it will be easier to keep my commitment to a streak.


2 responses to “Watch Out For Old Stuff Coming”

  1. SSG King Avatar
    SSG King

    As old as you?

    1. Herb Avatar

      Older than Blue Blazes…

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