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Something Legible

A problem that I have is that when I write something I want it to be perfect. I want it to be interesting or witty or deeeeeep or inspiring in some way. I like to do nice things for you, my readers, and so I have several half-written drafts in my folder, just waiting to be posted.

And they will be.

But to maintain my streak while actually living life I sometimes will have to give you a bit of drivel, like this.

Thanks in advance for your forgiveness.


3 responses to “Something Legible”

  1. Tony Laplume Avatar

    Don’t forget you can babble about your interests, too. That’s reliable blogging material right there! What’re you reading? Is it good? Is it terrible? Why aren’t you reading? What’s the last movie you watched? Etc.

    Or you can just blog more of the cartoons. That’s reliable!

  2. Herb Avatar

    Actually, I was going to talk about how to license Andertoons in one of my entries.

  3. Amber Avatar

    Haha I love your drivel

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