Passin’ Through

On the main page here I have a few fan pages about Louis L’Amour books and stories relating to the Sackett, Talon, and Chantry families.  The two chronologies, one I call Louis’ chronology, which is based on his book about the Sacketts and my sticking my ideas of where the other lines fit in, Then there’s my chronology, made up in the order I enjoyed reading them the most.  They’re pretty close, actually, but it was something I wanted to do years ago when I was looking to make my first website and wanted to have something to write about.  I also have a quotation page which just has some of my favorite quotes from the various books and laying no claim to any semblance of logic of choice or order.  Just quotes that sound cool to me.

Occasionally I’ll receive an email from someone asking if I know what story this or that character appeared in.  I have had several people tell me that they named their child after a Louis L’Amour character 20+ years ago and now can’t remember which book or story the name came from.  Or they will say, “I know this is a quote from a Louis L’Amour book, but I can’t find which one.”  I have only ever been able to help one person with this and I don’t know if there is a database somewhere that contains all of the character names or great quotations, but if there is, I don’t have it.  I usually direct these queries to the official Louis L’Amour website and discussion boards because I have witnessed firsthand that there is a depth of fandom and fan knowledge there that I cannot hope to attain and most of the people on there are very nice.  I know that Beau, Louis’ son, is on there himself sometimes.  If the knowledge exists you will likely find it there.  I do the same with historical questions.  Someone or other with some historical info will write and explain to me why the chronology cannot go the way it goes because of historical events or because some weapon or other was not available back then, etc.  I generally refer these back to the official site as well.  I originally wrote the pages for fun and as an exercise in HTML and CSS and for a few friends and family who were interested.

But sometimes I will get an email suggestion that is really great.  I received an email over the weekend from a man named Paul, who pointed out that in The Man From The Broken Hills someone asks Milo if he’s passin’ through and he responds that that’s his name.  It fits with the character in the story called Passin’ Through and Milo Talon would be a Sackett because his mom is a Clinch Mountain Sackett.  This is important because one of the main supporting characters, who helps Mr. Passin’ and is in turn helped by him turns out to be a Clinch Mountain Higgins.  So, I updated all three pages to reflect this new revelation.

“We’ll find him then and see he’s freed, if I have to bring all the Sacketts down from the hills.” “How many are there? Of the Sacketts, I mean?” “Nobody rightly knows, but even one Sackett is quite a few.”

Echo Sackett – Ride The River


  1. It might be interesting to become the unofficial Wikipedia guy for L’Amour characters, if you wanted to tackle that. I know way too many Star Trek characters, the actors who played them, stuff like that. It might be rewarding in ways you couldn’t imagine.

  2. Hi Herb,

    So uncanny that I was re-reading “Ride the River” today and about Echo Sackett and I see her quote here.

    Nice job on the Louis L’Amour fansite especially the chronology. Also, your blog figured 4th on Google Search page when I searched for “Clinch Mountain Sackett” which I think is great.

    I’ve just found your blog and it is a great read for any L’Amour fan. Can’t wait to go through all your older posts, my congratulations on a fine job.

    Have a great day.


    Mumbai, India

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