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Bear Lee There – Again

Dear Fans, Friends, Fiends, Foes, Family and Nature Lovers,

My question for you all today is, where does a 300+ pound bear and her cub go to eat? Anywhere they want to. Including my trash can.

We live in a sort of suburban area called Stratmoor Hills in Colorado Springs, which is not exactly the wilderness or anything, but there are a couple of nice greenbelt type of areas and the water company owns a small strip of land with some trees on it. Reported in the neighborhood at different times have been a mountain lion, bobcats, a lynk and over the last few years in our own backyard we have had a herd of deer, raccoons, a fox, a hawk, bunnies (which some of these guys find quite tasty) and now, apparently, bears.

About 15 minutes ago we had a big old mama bear and her cub in the driveway. I heard a noise like something heavy being moved and went outside. There they were by the trashcan they had just knocked over. I hollered and they ran a little ways into the neighbor’s driveway and turned around and watched me pick up the can and all the stuff. I didn’t stay out there since she just stopped and turned and watched like that. About 20 minutes later they came back and knocked the same can over. I let them be, discretion being the better part of valor. The sow was probably 300 pounds I would guess and the cub was probably 100. I wish I could have gotten a picture but they didn’t want to wait and that was okay with me.


2 responses to “Bear Lee There – Again”

  1. Carter King Avatar
    Carter King

    but did he only eat the bear essentials?

  2. Herb Avatar

    She bearly ate anything.

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