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Update on New Job and Blogging

Greetings, Salutations and Hi There to all of my fans, friends, fiends, foes and relatives,

As many of you are aware I have been working at a new job since mid-June. The decision to leave Walmart was probably one of the better ones I have made in my life and I like a lot of the call center things.  The operator job was mindless and boring but then I could read during the time between phone calls. Now that I have moved up to the handling of calls about the insurance policies and can actually help people and not just route their calls it is somewhat more fulfilling.  I like to help people, it is one of the reasons I have always fared well in retail environments and one of the rewarding things about being a claims handler.  I have never really considered myself a “people person” though. I am really not this friendly and outgoing guy but I do play one at work.

Earlier this year I had found out that some people were actually looking at my blog and reading it again and felt encouraged and started writing regularly again, but then when I got the new job, instead of finding more time for writing I found more time taken up by the things that “normal” (even though normal people scare me) people have to do that I had to let go because of my weird retail schedule. This last week I received some more encouragement in what you may think is a strange way, but it came in the form of a person telling me that they couldn’t leave a comment.  This meant not only that someone was reading my stuff, but also that they wanted to say something to me. Whether it was a remark about the article or just a note to say hi or anything, comments are really meaningful to me.

But.  Yes.  I know.  There has to actually be some content first.  During the time when I was really popular I was also really prolific, sometimes writing every day of a week and never less than four days a week. The thing is, I should not be having the tough time that I have been.  Back in May AbbyNormal posted a career quiz she had found.

The results when I took it back then were


The result when I took it yesterday as I was thinking about writing this were:


So in other words, I should be breezing through this blogging thing.

As I have promised before, I will do better, just stick with me.  Like I said, I was encouraged by the idea of someone wanting to comment and began to wonder if there were any others who had similar problems commenting but just never thought to let me know. Another thing I am going to do is try to not think about

I have made some changes to the settings and hope that I have made it easier to comment.

That’s it for now, kids, but remember,

The Good Book says, “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.”


2 responses to “Update on New Job and Blogging”

  1. Tony Laplume Avatar
    Tony Laplume

    Glad things are working out for you.

  2. Rhonda Avatar

    Sounds like things are going much better. Looking forward to future posts. Always Enjoyable.

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