I often brag about the high-quality/high-class/highly-intelligent people who come to visit this site. You guys are the greatest. I consider most of you to be my friends or at the very least, acquaintances. As I told you a while back ago, though, there are other friends I have who really don’t care about computers and being online or anything else. They are nor e-tards and they might get on once every couple of months to see if they have any important e-mail or to look up some information on this or that, but they don’t surf and they don’t waste a lot of time on the Internet. They don’t care about it, so I can’t just drop a link to them here every now and then, hoping you will go by and visit and see how stunningly spectacular they are. But they are pretty great, nonetheless. Not only people who will drop what they are doing and come help you with a problem you don’t know how to fix but people who understand you. People upon whom you cannot heap enough accolades.

Now, when one of these people goes out into the woods and gets his deer and brings you some…yeah, buddy! And how! My buddy Matt, a homeboy from Wisconsin, brought me over a couple of venison roasts, a few steaks, some stew meat and 5 strips of back meat and is grinding some hamburger for me. This man may not share the same parents I do but he is definitely my brother!

Herb “Yummy-to-da-tummy” Thiel

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