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So, I was at my favorite trivia site, and found this little tidbit:

“.18 percent of blog posts indexed by Google blog search begin with the word “so”.”

So I’m sorry, I just don’t have time to do much writing of any sort, even though I have been so graciously “Phaved” by J F Z. (Thanks!)

So, anyway, I have to make a choice; either keep the blog open and only update whenever I have the chance and not lose too much sleep about the quality of the writing or quit the blog.  After I thought about it I decided that I have too much to say, just not enough time to say it all in, I just feel guilty that people come here and there is nothing new to see or read.  We have been working a lot of hours so the girls can go to theWinter Heritage conference, similar to the one we host here in the Springs during the Summer months.  The whole church youth group is going and has been having bake sales and things but it is not going to be near enough.  Normally, when I had the laptop, this would mean a lot more writing time.  I can write poetry in my notebooks but to write stories and blog entries I really need a computer.  Plus, I have been sleeping in of late, sometimes till 4 AM.  By the time I read Carter and Gronk’s e-mails, checkDrudge and Accuweather it’s time to make sandwiches and head out the door.  Plus, in our “spare” time, Carter and I have been founding The Republic of Bob.

So, is kind of a fun place.  You can set up your site so that anyone can add to it, so that only account holders can add to it or so that it is by invitation only.  There is a link on the homepage to apply to be a writer on our site.  I think it requires starting an account with them, but I am not sure.  You can make comments anonymously, however.  Since I am the most-high ruler and great creator I have final and complete deletion powers.  Carter is the close-second in command Grand Poobah in charge of all things military and covert and The Really High Up There Minister of Ministries including being the Muy Big Honcho of the Division of the Bureau of Repetitious Redundancy Department of Duplication and Reiterance.  Gronk is in charge of rolling rocks and since he is so old and a time-traveling contemporary of Gak and Throk, he is the Minister of Rock and Roll.  Carter wants to set up a parliament, which would probably be a good way to bring in tax money and make the few rules we might have.  I haven’t gotten to use my Veto & Delete power yet.

So, anyway, Wetpaint has some serious drawbacks in the editing department but does have the redeeming quality of being fun.

So, as the good book says, “So!  So!  Suck your toe/All the way to Mexico/If you don’t I don’t care/’Cuz you don’t wash your underwear!”

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