I Ain’t Gone Yet

So, I went ahead and broke the little plug-in deal for the inverter for the laptop.  Well, I didn’t break it, I just took it apart to see if the fuse had gone out and the spring sent this little metal piece flying through the air.  It might still be on the floor in the van but I picked up everything and looked all over.  This means that when I use up the battery in the laptop I have to wait until I get home to charge it up, which means I am back to try to read e-mail and everyone’s blogs when I get up in the morning, but have no time to write them.  Well, I will still try.  I haven’t really felt like writing anything lately, anyway.

I have just completed my rounds of everyone’s blogs and there are a couple of things I notice.  First, Daveman has NO ketchup in his fridge.  I got his steak sauce, to protect it from, uh, partying pilferers, yeah, that’s the ticket.  Actually, I get a little worried about my friend Dave.  He hasn’t been around and the last couple of entries he made seem like he might be out of the loop.  And we still don’t know what’s up with that foot of his.

I mention all this because another thing that stood out to me this morning was that people are leaving Blogdrive.  Someone’s comment was that we bloggers develop a community, which I think is true, but I don’t read a person’s blog because they are on Blogdrive, I read it because I like it.  If you leave Blogdrive, just leave a note as to where you are going and I will just go there and read your blog.  I try to make it to every blog on my blogroll and then sometimes I get sidetracked to someone else’s as well. Because I like them, not because they are on this server.  I hope that if I went somewhere else, you would still read my blog!  There are a lot of services out there and frankly many offer a lot more than they do here.  But I like it here.  I have had very little trouble with the system and for a minimal monthly fee I can post as many pictures ofSavannah as I want.

All that being said, what do people expect for free?  To get on the Blogdrive help forums and leave snide and nasty comments and being just plain rude is stupid and ridiculous.  If you are unhappy, go somewhere else where you will be happy.  The ads are there to pay for your free space, which is part of the terms and conditions you agreed to, so don’t cover them up.  You can’t anyway.  Not for long.  Why crybaby about it? It’s FREE, knucklehead, so lighten up!

That being said, whether you are providing a free service or not, you have made a promise to folks and should do your best to come through with the goods.  First rule I learned in customer service of any sort is that even though the customer becomes surly and mean, you do not answer them in kind.  You, representing your company, must put the best face on it you can, whether you are a volunteer or not.  I am sometimes afraid to go into a forum and ask a question because I will be made fun of or someone will snap at me.  I don’t usually have problems with the service though.

Oh, and as to whether to link people or not, I just add them to my blogroll as they come on board.  I just added my daughters yet.  Abigail is going to update when she has time from homework and Liz might disappear for a while when the baby comes.  I dunno what she’ll have to do that’s so important…

Anyway, I have tried and tried every way I know of to get hold of my friend, Dave, and I hope everything is okay with him.

The good book says, If Daveman goes away, leave a mess in his fridge and pizza on his ceiling.

P.S.  Dave, I’m praying for you.

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