Prayer Request Update

Let’s don’t forget to pray for Carter and all the boys in the catbox. Got e-mail from him,

“had to shepard a convoy through the other night.3 hour convoy took 11 hours.sent a terorist to meet allah(not me personally),and took some fire and IEDs.gotta go out again tonight”

“…mebbe.Winston Churchill once opined that there is nothing as exhilarating as being fired upon by the enemy with absolutely no effect.he was right.”

“…and yer ugly”

I’m sure he meant me to forward that last remark to Daveman. No, it’s actually just to show he’s still his old self.

IED is “Improvised Explosive Devices.” Roadside bombs.

At some other point I will discuss my personal thoughts on the war, but this entry is not about that. It is about my friend, who, even though his feet stink and he’s uglier than sin (Fortunately his pretty little daughters didn’t get their looks from him) is a good soldier and a good man. Not perfect by any stretch of anyone’s imagination, except maybe his kids’, but a good guy.

Remember, The Good Book says, “Shall your brethren go to war, and shall ye sit here?”

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