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Toofies and District 2

A quick update on baby Savannah. She’s got a tooth!!! One little one right in front on the bottom. Woohoo! She’s so big now! “The Human adventure is just beginning.”

I have got to get back into the habit of not only carrying 3 X 5 cards in my pocket with me, but using them to keep notes on like I want to. I have so many ideas during the day of things to write about, then when I get a chance to actually sit down and type them, pffft, they’re gone.

Speaking of sitting and typing, I am sitting on Janet’s computer, which is like so different than mine was. It has twice the memory and processor speed mine had, four times the storage, and it doesn’t lock up all the time! Windows XP has not been as hard to get used to as I had been told, either. I guess, since Janet washed her shoes and her feet don’t stink anymore and she has let me hook up the good computer, we’ll just have to keep her. Oh! And get this. She thought our quaint little dial-up connection was too slow, so she is springing for a cable connection. Yowza! Instead of taking a day and a half for some of your blogs that have the big graphics to load, it loads instantly.

There is one problem with this fine arrangement, however. One thing that really, really, bugs me. Since all this has taken place, I am at a loss for an excuse for why I don’t update. Well, I still do have a life, so that should count for something.

Hoping not to offend anyone, I will preface my next comment by saying that each child is an individual. Each child is a different person with their own interests and desires. Not every type of situation is good for every child. Some kids thrive in a home school environment, others in a private school or Christian school.

Abigail has been excelling in public school. It is probably the best thing that has ever happened to her. Harrison High School in District 2 is where she is going and she is doing well. She is doing well academically, socially and, contrary to some that would be critical of this decision on our parts, spiritually as well. It would not have been the right match for a couple of our other kids, but it is working out for her.

I was apprehensive of the public school system after the fiasco with Elizabeth in District 11. They would not/could not work with our beliefs and when we confronted them they were rude and condescending. I knew D-2 was run differently and had a different philosophy, but was really pleased with the attitudes we met. Everyone has been accepting and understanding and the teachers, principals and counselors have been wonderful and actually treat us like we are fellow grown-ups. They are big on respect, even though they don’t put it in words on their posters it comes through in their actions. Respect authority, respect others, respect property, and respect yourself. Having sat up with her doing homework, I know she is actually learning, too. We met the teachers at an open house and the one teacher said, “You know, when kids come from a home-school background, they either ‘have it’ or they don’t and Abigail ‘has it.’ You folks have obviously done well.” Better mention that Elizabeth helped with the home-schooling an awful lot before I break my arm patting myself on the back.

So, if you couldn’t tell, I am proud of Abigail. Oh, stop. I’m proud of all the other ones, too. But they are all different. How four children can be raised by the same parents with the same beliefs and grow up to be such diverse individuals is miraculous.

Remember, the Good book says, “Book learnin’ is all right as long as you don’t forget God in yer life.”



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