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Car Trouble Redux and A Soldier

The van is officially going to cost more to fix than what it is worth. With the tranny, master brake cylinder, door that won’t shut and coolant leak it will cost over $4000 to fix. It was given to us for a thousand and the blue book value is not that high.

Now what? Well, now we are going to buy one from the guy we have been renting from. If you need a rental car when you are in town for the Heritage Conference (or not, Soosan) I would have to recommend “AA Auto Rental.” Not only are they honest and fairly priced, they also will work with cash and debit cards.

Anyway, the car we are getting is a 2000 Dodge Intrepid. It is a nice, full-sized car that fits grandma’s walker, the hot-rod Hugo, in the trunk and can seat the five of us comfortably, especially if we are going a short distance, like to church. We might could take a longer trip in it, though.

This is the newest car I will ever have owned.


Something I have been reflecting on is a story in the paper about a U.S. Army sergeant in Iraq who saw a grenade tossed in the middle of his men and without stopping to even think about it, he threw himself right on top of it and saved his men. He gave his life for his men. The U.S. military is made up of thousands upon thousands of men and women just like this. How could someone not be proud?

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