Hodge Podge

The pix are up of Margaret and I holding baby Savannah. http://herbthiel.blogdrive.com/galleries You can see where she is touching the snap on my western shirt. It won’t be long and we’ll be able to put a little pair of boots on her and a little hat…yeehaw! She looks more and more like Isabel as time goes on. 3 lbs 11 oz at last report! There has been discussion of the idea of sending her home in a couple of weeks, but that has only been talk, there is no way she is ready, as of yet. She keeps getting bigger and stronger, though.

Other notes in this hodgepodge conglomeration of rambling thoughts.

You always hear the kook-left liberals teaching their claim that we all should be “tolerant” of others. This is often merely euphemistic doubletalk meaning, “accept the gay agenda and the atheist lifestyle while we pummel any rights you have.” Why else would they be claiming that the president’s speech was too “God-soaked?” I thought his speech was really very inclusive and in the spirit of our founding fathers, who also looked to “The Maker of Heaven and Earth” for their guidance as well. In his 21 minute speech, in which he mentions the concept of freedom 48 times, he mentions things like “private character” and “the rule of conscience.” If that didn’t make them angry, they must have blown a gasket when he said, “Americans, at our best, value the life we see in one another, and must always remember that even the unwanted have worth.” I am SO PROUD to be an American these days and I am proud of a man who will be a man and say what he believes, not what he thinks will win him the most points. Of course if you meet ranchers, farmers and other real working American people, you will find that we as a people are outspoken and plainspoken and won’t back down from anyone, especially some two-bit tinhorn dictator that rules by rape and murder and fear and will kill his own people with horrible weapons.

There is something wrong with a mind that cannot see how much better off the world is with free people governing themselves. The lefty media doesn’t tell you about all the hospitals, roads, and schools, where even girls can attend, but rather what some nut job, who is not even an Iraqi citizen, has blown up. Or how, when we have killed 1,500 of the enemy in one battle, they tell you about the 8 of our guys who were killed. Obviously that is a victory above a tragedy.

What probably made them really mad was when he said “God moves and chooses as He wills.” Or “May God bless you, and may he watch over the United States of America.” Or how about the Reverend’s benediction? The man had the nerve to pray in Jesus’ name! So, anyway, where is the tolerance and love the left-wing preaches about? Why can they preach the acceptance of atheism but scream at the beliefs of others?

Alrighty. Change of subject. If you have ever read a western, had a dog, lived on ranch, just like to have fun, read “Hank the Cowdog.” They are actually for a young audience, but I find myself splitting my sides when I read them. I have read 1 – 8 and 32, so far. Try reading them aloud to little kids for a real challenge.

Well, everyone’s getting up and it’s getting harder to concentrate, so I will leave you for the nonce.

Remember, the Good Book says, “There is a time for strength and a time for weakness…a time for peace and a time for war.”

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