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A Setback

They moved the baby back to the first NICU she started in. The one she had moved to was for babies that didn’t need as much attention and she was “de-statting” too much. That means that her instrument panel was going off too much. Her oxygen drops, etc. She also threw up one of the bottles they gave her. No, I don’t think anyone showed her a picture of Carter, but that could do it.

She has the “burp” tube back down in her stomach, which was to catch the acids from her reflux. The feeding tube down her nose had to be moved back to her mouth as well because she was getting nosebleeds.

Oh well. I don’t know what this means as far as holding her goes but I am sure it is a rule of the upstairs NICU. *heavy sigh* Alas and alack!

I pick on Carter, but he is a good soldier and a good friend and you all would appreciate our country being defended by the likes of him. (He still owes me $5 and that should prompt payment.)

As the good book says, “Life is full of ups and downs, so sometimes you gotta go sideways.”

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