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I was so sick yesterday I didn’t even go near the computer or anywhere else. I will say that I had a very nasty stomach virus and let it go at that. Thus I didn’t get to see the baby at all yesterday and probably won’t get to today.

Isabel wound up with blood clots in her lungs and was back in the emergency room. They have since admitted her to the hospital where the baby is.

This baby is feisty. One thing the nurses all agree on is that she is a fighter and they are all amazed at how she fights everything, even though she is sedated.

They took her off the ventilator yesterday and her lungs are working on their own pretty much. They are still giving her oxygen. She appears to have a good sucking/swallowing reflex, but they are going to leave that tube down her throat for a while yet. They don’t want to do anything too fast.

I apologize to you all for the disjointedness of this mess but I am trying to repeat all of the stuff I heard while I was sick yesterday. When I wasn’t in the bathroom I was sleeping and so I didn’t get to hear everything that transpired.

One of the coolest things is that Ben might get to hold her for a few minutes today!!! Okay, I’ve got to go. I’m really still sick, I just wanted to share all the news with you that I could remember. Now I will go read everyone’s blogs and try to answer e-mails and then go back to bed. I will be working on the poll when I have time, it’s not as much of a priority right now.

Remember, as the good book says, “If they can only drink Gatorade and eat Jell-o, don’t try to give them chicken soup.”


3 responses to “Updates”

  1. pendantry Avatar

    Hope you’ve recovered…

    /doh! It’s been seventeen years, I should hope so! 🙂

    1. Herb Avatar

      lol. I did survive that one.

      1. pendantry Avatar

        Good to hear! 🙂

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