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Boy Scouts

I cannot believe that the ACLU has nothing better to do than to pick on the Boy Scouts. They are quick to sue not only the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) but any person that wants to remind us the principles that our God-fearing founders espoused. Revisionists are trying to belittle and outright belie our heritage, but that does not bother the lawyers for an organization that claims to espouse freedom for everyone, the ACLU. Why do they not fight for the rights of the Boy Scouts? Oh, no! To think that someone would support such a vile, evil, reprehensible group as the BSA is unbelievable. And what sort of evil doctrines do the Boy Scouts teach? I will expose this evil here and now!

I have a reprinted copy of the original “Boy Scouts of America Handbook for Boys” from 1910 and decided to compare it with a modern version of the same book. There is a lot less need for harnessing horses properly nowadays but there are some things that these villains taught way back then that they are still teaching to boys nowadays. They apparently are one of those organizations that think they are right and will not change. They hand these teachings down from generation to generation, unchanged for ninety-four years. Much of what I am going to tell you is directly from their books and teachings and, well, I must confess to you. I was a Boy Scout leader and was trained to teach these things to children.

They have a motto, BE PREPARED. The boy is expected to learn all he can and keep himself healthy and strong. Oh, horrors!

Then, they also have a slogan to live by, DO A GOOD TURN DAILY. They expect boys to do a helpful act of kindness every single day without pay or even boasting.

They also have a set of laws they are expected to live by. They expect boys to be:

TRUSTWORTHY – They are expected to tell the truth and keep his promises. (The original book says that if a boy lies he can have his Scout Badge taken away!)

LOYAL – True to family, friends, leaders, etc.

HELPFUL – Willingly volunteering to help others without expecting payment or reward.

FRIENDLY – He respects those with ideas and customs that are different from his own and seeks to understand others.

COURTEOUS – Polite to everyone regardless of age or position knowing that good manners help people get along.

KIND – He treats others as he would want to be treated and is not cruel.

OBEDIENT – They are taught to follow rules and obey laws and if they think the rules or laws are unfair they try to change them in an orderly fashion.

CHEERFUL – Cheerfully doing tasks that he is assigned and trying to make others happy.

THRIFTY – They are expected to work to pay their way and help others.

BRAVE – He faces danger even if he is afraid and has the courage to stand up for what he thinks is right even if he is laughed at or threatened.

CLEAN – He keeps his body and mind clean.

REVERENT – we will get to this, the crux of this evil, in a moment, but he is supposed to be reverent to God, faithful in his religious duties and respect the beliefs of others.

And how do they enforce this law? They expect that they will do their best to keep it on their honor and integrity. They make a promise and are expected to keep it. Their promise involves all of their heinous, criminal ideologies and says:

On my honor I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country
and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong,
mentally awake, and morally straight.

You can see it all right there. Moreover, if the Department of Defense or other government agency gives any money at all to them or, according to a recent lawsuit, helps them or even lets them use government property, they are helping to establish a government religion because the Boy Scouts will not let just anybody join. You cannot be an atheist and be in the Boy Scouts. And what does the BSA teach about religion? They teach and their leaders are trained that the best place to learn about religion is your family and your own church or religious organization. They believe that if you are, for example, Catholic, the best place to learn about Catholicism is your priest and your family, not your scout leader, although all twelve points of their law support what Catholicism teaches. The Boy Scouts are taught to respect God according to the way their family and church teaches and to respect the way others believe. Boy Scouts can receive medals for the religious training they get. These medals include, but are not limited to, Roman Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Islamic, Baptist, I think the Pentecostals have developed one, Unitarian Universalist, Buddhist, Latter Day Saints (who use the Boy Scout program as their youth program), Baha’i and a bunch of others I don’t have handy.

So there you have it, folks. A bunch of hooligans running around do good deeds for people (the book from 1910 shows a Scout helping an old lady across the street) without remuneration and respecting God and other people.

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