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Tag: mental illness

  • Even Steven

    Even Steven

    Herb’s blog, Herbdate 22119-690: I had written this originally in January of ’09 but I don’t think I ever posted it until December of 2019, before the advent of Covid-19. The character of Steven is loosely based on my personality, but I have never pummeled someone in the grocery store,…

  • Dave Gets What He Deserves – Rewrite-Repost

    Dave Gets What He Deserves – Rewrite-Repost

    Herb’s blog, Herbdate 22117-688:I had originally posted this last year on September 19, 2019, which would have been Herbdate 21778. I don’t know the original number. That had been a total rewrite of a piece that never saw the light of day but was in the ’09 folder. When I…

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