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Yep. That’s me! Hahahaha! As if I believe Word Press. But they did award me with this cute little graphic.

I did a brief search on the internet for 1337 and found this:

noun: 1337
an informal language or code used on the Internet, in which standard letters are often replaced by numerals or special characters that resemble the letters in appearance.
“she communicated in secret using leet”

adjective: 1337
(of a person) skilled at computer programming or hacking.
“the 1337 hacker was rerouting phone calls”

This is high praise because I and not skilled at either programming or hacking. The truth of the matter is more like this cartoon (Which I have permission to use except it needs “likes” in it to make it complete):


    • Well, I could use the WP reader, go through all of your posts, and like every single one of them. Not read them, just like them. Then you’d have well over 1800 likes.

  1. Congratulations! LOL Any award is better than no award at all … so I envy you. The only award I get from is an annual bill for almost a hundred dollars.

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