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Another Personality Test

I sometimes like to do these things, especially when I have a lot going on and I am looking for something to post when I am on a time crunch. That way I feel like I can take the time to create some of the better pieces you see here. The thing is also that I can stick to my commitment to post something every day. Putting something on the blog makes me want to work on the better pieces instead of letting them go into some archive of ideas. They send me links but there are a lot of them I skip. For instance, I don’t have a fairy name. Sorry.

There are a couple of obvious caveats to these. We all know and understand that they are just for fun and nothing else. Like the quiz that said they could guess where you grew up by how you answered the questions. Sorry, to disappoint, but I did not grow up in New York.

Another thing is that there are some questions that I can only guess on. By choice, I know nothing of the entertainment industry and hollyweird, and only what I am forced to be exposed to from Mad Avenue, so when they ask me something about some “star” or other or some movie, I know nothing and just make a random guess.

So the quiz was, Is Your Soul a Dancer, Actor, Author or Artist?

The most interesting question to me was this one:

The answer I got?

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