Blogging A – Z Challenge 2015 B

Blogging A – Z Challenge

B is for Beliefs

Here is a brief statement about beliefs.  There are those who have preached for years and years that we must be tolerant of all people.  I can dig that, I mean, there are a lot of people that I don’t agree with, or even like, that I put up with all the time.  A lot of people put up with me, too.  But why is it that I have to tolerate every ungodly abomination, and hear about the same sin in great detail, but yet I am not supposed to express even the slightest umbrage or outrage at it or I am the one who is the hater?

I don’t hate people, especially as groups or races, but why should that mean that I have to agree with them and not speak out about the things they do?  Homosexuality is a sin against God and Nature.  So is “shacking up.”  So are many other things.  I don’t allow people to come into my house and do these things.  I don’t own a TV and I don’t support Hollyweird and the entertainment industry for this reason (among others).  We have had relatives who travelled thousands of miles stay in a motel because they weren’t married.  There are certain types of behavior I don’t tolerate.  Don’t come to my house drunk and don’t even think about thinking about thinking of lighting up a cigarette.

If I still had the business, I wouldn’t do Jack Daniels or Pabst shirts and I certainly wouldn’t do t-shirts with slogans of half the bumper stickers I see around.  Somebody else can do those.

I have to either post this now or get further behind, which I am really loathe to do, so please read:

This story to find out what really happened at the Indiana Pizzeria and how the leftist media twisted this poor woman’s words:

And find out if a Muslim Bakery would do a wedding cake for a gay couple:

At least here in America we can still debate these things openly.  For now.  Until the Government takes control of the Inter…

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