Eureka!!  Woo-Hoo!  I done it!  I moved the tagboard to the bottom.  No…but I have been trying to modify my website to do more of what I really want it to do and you (should be) looking at the results.  I am working with a new (to me.  I guess I should say, “different”) CMS (Content Management Software) called “sNews 1.6” which is a simple, friendly program that is easy to modify with a help forum that is just awesome.  Immediate (as possible), friendly, responses are the norm.  This template was designed by David Herreman over at Free Css Templates  who also responded to my e-mail very quickly.

I had tweaked and tweaked and tweaked and putzed and diddle-potzed with the HTML and CSS coding for hours but couldn’t make a couple of things come out right.  When it showed up in IE6 one way, it was messed up in Firefox, and vice versa.  I finally gave in and sent him an e-mail asking for help.  Of course then I figured out the answer the next morning, solving it on my own.

This program (sNews)  puts the newest entry on top of the front page and since I am going through the inexorable process of copying and pasting all of my favorite entries from my previous blog onto this server, what happens is there will be al sorts of odd, old articles on the front at first.  To solve this I am going to “hardwire” this article into the front page, so the latest article to be added will be below that.

A problem that some of you have had was that the parchment background wasn’t showing up and you had to highlight the text to read it.  I don’t know if this is because you may have images turned off to speed up browsing or a problem with a connection or something else, like the browser type or version.  I solved it (hopefully) by changing the base background color.

I am still going to moderate the comments because the WordPress blog has been receiving tons of spam, and I don’t mean the kind that’s good with mustard.  What this means to you is that your comments won’t show up right away.

Okay, so the tagboard is kind of an eyesore but it is the only one that has worked for me, so it will have to stay, but I did move it to the bottom.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for being so patient with me as I go through this learning process while using a dial-up connection.

Remember, the good book says, “If punctuation marks the traffic signals of language, commas in a list sometimes incrementally apply the brakes.”  Or was that Lynne truss?

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