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Sick Kid

Just a quick note to all of you.  I had a sick kid, we’re talking two seven-hour nights in the E.R. sick, and haven’t been near the computer in a couple of days.  She had neck pain that shot into her head and down her back and later on through her limbs and she was given dozens of blood tests a CAT Scan and even a Spinal Tap.  Nothing.  “Must be something viral.”  When they had her hooked to Morphine and other stuff she was fine, but the first night they sent her home with Vicodin and that didn’t even touch it.  Next night they gave her something a little stronger and by now her real doctor had been contacted and she got some stronger stuff to take home.  Went to the Doc, they had done every test she could think of and a few she hadn’t and nada.  So she is home with a couple of different prescriptions and we have still had to work and so, as I have mentioned a time or two before, the computer loses.  I will keep you posted, but she is determined to go to this thing in Texas no matter what.

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