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I’m back on-line now. I had a couple of projects that I wanted to complete and it took more of my morning time than I wanted to, but I am back now (why does grammar checker want to change that to “I am backing now.”?). Bwahahahaha! The election results were interesting. I think that by shifting their party line to the right and keeping all of their lefty-socialist leaders in hiding (We heard nothing from Howard, The Chappaquiddick Kid or anyone in the Hollyweird crew and nothing from Nancy until after a Drudge Report comment saying that she must be in hiding because no one, not even her own party knew where she was) they were able to win big. Much of it was the Republican party’s own fault, too. They moved away from all of the values that got them elected in the first place and stopped talking about them and conservatives and independent voters of and for integrity got fed up. I do feel the need to point out that there has not been a lot of the ridiculous, often childish claims of voter suppression and fraud that there would have been had the Republicans won. The Dems were poised and ready to do it. Anyway, I may write a letter to the RNC explaining the reasons they lost. If I do I will make it an open letter and will post it here with their response.

Sometimes I just don’t have time for all this. I love blogging and blog-hopping but there is a lot of life going on out there as well. Top that with frustration trying to get into websites like Blogdrive and being unable to update or access your site or anyone else’s, well, then it’s pretty much an “aaarrrrrggggghhhh” kind of day. I will say that at least this time BD did tell visitors a little bit of what was going on. That was something…

Speaking of “arrgghh” I have discovered a new game by the creator of Civilization, Sid Meir, called “Pirates.” It’s a lot of fun and has taken over from Civ as the current game I am obsessed with. They are very different from each other, Civ being “turn-based” and Pirates being just sort of a “go-where-you-want-and-play-however-you-feel-like-and-oh-by-the-way-these-are-your-objectives-if-you-want-to-win” sort of format. The forum, with the likely name “Hooked on Pirates” has an interesting contest where you have to use the worst, slowest, clumsiest ship in the game and do all your pirating. I had started to think the game had lost its challenge until now.

Tabitha just returned from Fresno, California, where she was at a church conference with Ashley and some of the other young people from our church. She had a pretty great time except for losing her purse in the Denver Airport. Hopefully it will turn up in the lost and found. Her kitty’s all missed her and kept asking me where she had gone and why she hadn’t taken them with her and when she was going to be back.

I guess that’s all the news that’s fit to blog…No, there were a couple of more things. I heard a guy talking about the time he spent working in the New York Times newsroom. Having just heard that overall newspaper circulation is 2.8% daily and 3.4% Sundays this interested me. One of the things he said is that over 70% of his co-workers were active liberals. This didn’t surprise me and I don’t think it surprises anyone, but I think that people are learning that to be truly informed they need to go to more than just one source. If all the news and information you have is from the Main-Stream-Media, you are woefully misinformed and will absolutely have a lopsided view of the events of the day. 7 second sound-bites just don’t tell it all.

Another reason the newspaper industry is failing is the funny pages. When I was a boy, the funnies were the very first thing, wrapped on top of the paper and easy to get at; pages of large comics, my favorite being Peanuts. Now they have shrunk the comics down and hidden them in the middle of the ads. It has been a little over 2 years since I did anything on the funnies so I think I will soon. Anyway, if they made the funnies full-size and prominent, more people would buy them.

Well, I have a few ideas to work on but without the laptop it is a lot harder. Hopefully some opportunity will present itself.

Remember, the Good Book says, “Put them in mind to be subject to principalities and powers, to obey magistrates, to be ready to every good work…”

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