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A Whine, er, an Update

Well, the drugs are beginning to take effect and I am feeling somewhat better. I still have a broken laptop, though, and can’t find enough peace and quiet all at one time to work on anything much. I did find a few half-entries on my flash-drive and will try to remember what I was writing and do them. Thanks again to all of you who tag me and leave comments. I am often in awe at the quality of writers and bloggers who stop by. I do try to reciprocate you.
I really don’t know what to do for time to write. When I feel good I get up at 3 and make coffee, check e-mail and respond to it, and then look at my blog and see who’s tagged me and stop off there first, then go and visit everyone else’s blogs. Margaret gets up between 4 and 4:30 so I have approximately an hour on the computer when I can think and type. During the day as I sit in the car waiting for her to get done with her clients I could type on the laptop. Now the house and the computer are busy seemingly around the clock. She used to get up at 5:00 – 5:30 which gave a little extra time, too.
It isn’t only that there are people on the computer, but I have a hard time concentrating with all of the conversations going on and all of the “Dad, this” and the “Dad, thats.” So when I do get on the computer during the day, sometimes I will try to make it to all the blogs I missed but there again, it can be difficult concentrating on reading if the article is somewhat in-depth.
Okay. That’s enough of all that for now. Have I earned my cheese and crackers yet?
Remember (Herb) the good book says, “Thou shalt not whine.”

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