Brief Update

I haven’t been around the blogsphere visiting because I didn’t even get on the computer on Sunday…I should say I didn’t get on the Internet. Since I got the game I wanted, Civilization IV (link might be a long load for dial-ups, I am not sure) I have been playing it and playing it and playing it. They are almost ready to send me to Civanon already. Hahaha. But, I am going to trule the world!!!!! Buahahahahaha! Civ IV is what’s called a turn-based strategy game and I have loved playing it from the beginning. Troy spent way too much money on me for it, but it is so cool. It doesn’t play one the laptop, unfortunately, so I guess I will still blog. (Joke there, a joke. Did you think you oculd be rid of me that easily?)

Christmas was pretty wonderful. I didn’t get a lot of pics of Savannah since we were all too busy watching her figure out what the paper was for. I might have a few to post, though.

Anyway, Hope everyone’s everything went good and not every which way.

Remember, the Good Book says, “Give thanks in all things…”

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