Hodgepodge Lodge

I have had a cold for the past several days and while it has been taking its time progressing through the various stages of ickiness I have been sleeping in until 4 and sometimes even 4:30. Even when I am sitting around waiting and have my laptop I have been resting instead of writing. I still don’t have a clear idea of what today’s entry will be about yet, but I am thinking maybe a hodge-podge of different things. Frankly I feel a little burned out, which might be the cough medicine talking.

I have been reading all of your blogs though. I may not comment every single time I stop by because I have about 25 that I look at regularly, but I try to comment if I can think of something to say. I do this because I like it when people comment here. I try to respond to comments that seem to need or want response, and enjoy occasionally bantering and bandying about. I know, I know, it’s only funny till somebody loses an eye.

Daveman and Ashley have been nagging me to update the humor blog, too. Nicole was supposed to be helping me with that, but now she has a real job and her time is limited between that and church and going to Kansas via Oklahoma. I wouldn’t tease her about that one since it wasn’t really her fault, but she wrote about it in her blog. The reason I can get through 25 blogs is that not everyone updates all the time. Nicole works and Ashley can’t always get access to a computer, but I go back and check their blogs all the time. Same with Jinny’s blog. You’d think a research scientist and full-time student wouldn’t have anything better to do, although Sam is also a research scientist and a full-time student and he blogs every day. I think he should be on Blogdrive’s favorites with Abby Normal.

Now I have started talking about blogs and don’t know where to go next. Anyway, everyone updates at a different rate and so I don’t actually have to read 25 blogs every day. How did I get on that, anyway? Oh, I remember (he said, re-reading the previous paragraph), the humor blog. I had invited Nicole to contribute because she has access to her father’s archives of clean jokes. He was a great guy with a wonderful sense of humor that was always ready to laugh. He had put out a humor newsletter that was nothing but clean jokes, which, in the words of my friend, Ken D., are “so squeaky clean you can even tell your pastor.” His birthday was just last month and I know his wife and kids had to be feeling it. You know, you don’t ever “get over” it when someone dies. Well, I know you all are anxious for me to go down that cheerful road, but I have other fish to fry.

Aaarrrggghhh! I keep going off on a tangent. I guess cough medicine is not the best muse, huh? Anyway, I do have plans to update the humor blog. I have a big fat book from the turn of the last century that is full of jokes. It is dated because it does have sections of jokes based racial stereotypes, such as “colored people,” the Irish, Germans, Italians, etc. Many of the jokes are about groups like businessmen, bankers, lawyers, doctors and preachers, though. Personally I love puns. I have several books of puns and many that I made up or heard from my dad.
Okay, I’m getting tired now, so I will write more in a couple of days when I am more coherent, or less incoherent than now at any rate.

Remember, as the good book says, “She was only a necktie salesgirl, but she knew how to collar a man.”
That’s it.
I’m done.

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