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Becoming Mayor Biff and the Living Savannah

Before I get to Daveman’s tag or meme or whatever you call it, I will share with you the story of how I became known as Mayor Biff, first in the training class, then later it just sort of spread, thanks, at least in part, to Cindy saying, “Hiya Mayor Biff!” as we passed in the halls.

I told you yesterday how I became the mayor. The nickname had caught on and after a couple of weeks it had pretty much stuck. During that time I was also Committee chairman of our Boy Scout troop and we were planning an outing. Nothing real big for us, we were used to going out winter camping, but it was summertime and we decided to hike to Devil’s head Peak. Not nearly as treacherous as it sounds, it has a camping and picnicking area and the trail to the top is beautiful. At the top is a Forest Service lookout tower that you can go on and view the mountains all around. They still use it to spot fires and other potential problems.

The drive up there, via rampart Range road is beautiful beyond words with many pullouts that are convenient for taking photos, which we had stopped to do. The gravel roads throughout the various counties that go through the mountains are, generally in passable condition for a hardy vehicle. We had stopped and pulled off for picture taking and I was moseying back to the van with a couple of the boys. They looked at each other and Travis slapped me on the back and said, “Beat you back to the van, old man!” The other boy tagged me and they were off like a shot. Obviously I could not leave such a provoking challenge unmet, so off I raced. The two young whippersnappers had a head start but I was gaining. In fact, I had just reached them and was neck and neck and was about to grab one by the shoulder when I hit a hole in the gravel road.

I went sailing through the air like I was about to make a big belly flop, which I was. Arms and legs flew askance, my hat flew one way, my camera flew the other way and I went down in the gravel. That was Saturday, and by Monday I was stiff and sore and when I entered the classroom several of my coworkers asked what happened. Monica said, “You really did a major biff there, mayor!” and Cindy said, “Say, that has a kind of a ring to it, doesn’t it? Mayor Biff!”

So there you have it.

In other news, you may recall I had, by my black thumb, killed the Savannah Melody daylily. This had struck Janet as being odd, since, according to her, they are almost indestructible.

This weekend I was performing that favorite chore of cleaning the bunny cage and looked at the site of the travesty. There were three brand new, beautiful green plants! Better looking than new! They haven’t flowered yet, but I was really excited about that! Woo-hoo.

Speaking of Savannah Melody, she is at the stage where she has to grab people’s food when they are eating it. She wants to try everything. Well, tonight dad and mom had some lemons and limes out and Savannah wanted a lime.

“No, baby, you don’t want to try that.”

*squawk, grab*

“You really don’t.”

*squawk, grab*

“Okay,” So they cut a quarter of a lime off and handed it to her. At first she was suspicious, because they don’t usually give in that quick, but she put it to her nose, the felt it with her fingers, then, into the mouth it goes. No reaction. No grimace or twisted face, “She likes it!”

Of course this is the same child who, when dad was laying on the floor in his shorts reading his book, crawled up behind him and bit him in the butt.

Janet is sitting on the couch and just asked me if I was working on a new blog entry and wonders if I have anything to say about her yet. So, since she asked, I will have to tell her. Her feet stink and her mother dresses her funny. Actually she dresses her mother funny, but I guess that’s an entry for another day.

Remember, the good book says, “Don’t ask if you don’t want to know!”



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