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Tabitha’s Birthday

Saturday was Tabitha’s 16th birthday. To celebrate, we went with family (Ben, Isabel, Savannah, Elizabeth, Abigail, Grandma, Me, Margaret, and, oh yeah, Tabitha) and friends (Ashley and her sister, Racquel) to the Country Dinner Playhouse up in Denver to see “Oklahoma.” I had never been to this venue, and was skeptical as to what the quality of the performance would be. A small stage “in the round” just did not seem conducive to support such a major production and I worried that the price would not be a good value.

I was wrong. I was very surprised at how professionally done it was. It was a very excellent performance by professional singer/actors. The performance of Lorie’s dream sequence was really great. Margaret didn’t think the performance of “Poor Jud” was all that spectacular, but liked it. “Poor Jud is daid, Poor Jud Fry is daid…”

I cannot make a real intelligent comment about the food because I had to keep going out to get things people forgot and then talking to everybody I just didn’t dig right in. The apple pie was definitely not worth the price, however. The Sundaes looked good, though.

I would absolutely go again and plan to go see their production of “Man of La Mancha” as soon as it’s out. I would consider the price as that of going to a good play, which it was, that has food, too.

Anyway, that was good and it was something fun for Tab since we couldn’t work out the rafting thing. She had too much fun this week anyway. Ashley had out of town guests (Mandy and Serena [Don’t know if she has a blog], that I got to meet) for the Heritage conference and Tabitha stayed with them all week. If you know Ashley then you know that they stayed up and talked and talked and talked some more. So, Tabitha is going to work this morning so she can get some rest, haha.

The conference was great, but it would be too much to try to describe here. Tapes and CDs are available.

On the Tuesday evening before the conference starts they have a get together at the Flying W Ranch. I love the Flying W and we go out there as often as possible. They change the show enough to make it worthwhile going again and again but leave enough stuff the same so it is all familiar. The shops are located in authentic historic buildings. The schoolhouse was purchased from someone on the plains and each log was numbered as it was dismantled and the rebuilt exactly as it was in the 1800’s.

Remember, The Good Book says; enjoy life while you can, because you never know what’s gonna happen.

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