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100 Things About Herb

Warning, I don’t know when my computer is going to go down for the last time. Very soon, methinks. I turned it on and the display was all weird and my sound is gone. It is in its last death throes and then I will have to find the means to put it in the shop for a while, so if you come here and I haven’t been around, that could be why.

Hmmm….Abby Normal wants a new poll, Ashley wants traffic…I want to make my blog worth taking the time to visit especially since I do seem to be picking up a little steam. A new poll will take a little thinking.

Oh, before I forget, I need to ask someone, is it true that after you have made 100 blog entries you are supposed to do one that is “100 Things You Didn’t Know About Me?” I mean, I have passed that point a while ago. This entry appears to be number 118. Then when do you have to do it again, at 200? Why not 265? “265 MORE things you didn’t know about me???” Believe me, fans, friends, fiends, foes, blogophiles and just plain folks; you do NOT want to know 365 things about me. Well, I guess I could start a little thing on the side that would have a different factoid about me every day.

For instance, let’s see, Okay, let me try this. Since I’m doing it in Word I can just highlight and delete it if it sounds stupid. Or just leave it up and give everyone something to laugh at.

100 things you (maybe) didn’t know about Herb:

1) I like Western stuff. Oops, you might know that one, unless you are new here or don’t actually know me. I guess this can be our introduction.
2) I like my coffee “hot and black as the hinges of hell.”
3) I will fearlessly tilt your pinball machine when you are over 100,000 and about to beat my record but then I will be very sorrowful and repentant for the next 27 years until I find out you haven’t forgiven me anyway.
4) I like to play Civilization III.
5) I like to play chess.
6) I am a rotten chess player.
7) I mean a really, really rotten chess player.
8) I skipped Third grade.
9) I hate math.
10) I only read the funnies in the paper.
11) I only subscribe to the papers for the funnies.
12) My perfect breakfast is 3 extra large eggs, over medium, 4 pieces of bacon, 4 slices of toast, a large glass of milk, a large glass of orange or cranberry juice, and gallons of coffee.
13) This is one of the reasons I am fat.
14) I usually have cold cereal with milk.
15) Or McDonald’s # 3 breakfast, Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuit, hash browns, and coffee.
16) I love lasagna.
17) I love Garfield.
18) And Snoopy.
19) I love properly prepared German Potato Salad.
20) I have a rejection e-mail from an online magazine.
21) I get discouraged easily.
22) I get encouraged just as easily.
23) I have a “Yoopers” coffee mug.
24) I don’t like giving out a bunch of personal information to total strangers.
25) When I have to give out personal info to strangers it makes me grumpy.
26) This is about as personal as you will likely get.
27) I never intend to offend anyone.
28) I often offend people.
29) I can even offend myself.
30) I shouldn’t get so offended so easily.
31) I get really mad really easily and fly off the handle and say the first thing that comes out of my mouth.
32) I almost always regret this.
33) Sometimes I don’t regret it even a little bit.
34) I love English.
35) I love Shakespeare.
36) I have a terrible head for the mechanics of business.
37) I like intelligent critiques of my writing.
38) I enjoy helping others with their writing.
39) Oftentimes others know more about writing than I do.
40) One of my best buddies is ugly and his feet stink.
41) I once kicked him out of my house because his feet stunk so badly.
42) I have read the “Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy” at least 42 times.
43) I have read all five books in the H2G2 trilogy at least a dozen times.
44) I have read the complete works of Edgar Allen Poe.
45) And all of Sir Arthur’s “Sherlock Holmes” stories.
46) I am working on all of Shakespeare.
47) I am a Louis L’Amour fan.
48) And “Hank The Cowdog.”
49) I don’t understand why a preposition is something a sentence can’t end in.
50) I can’t believe you made it this far down this list because I am really bored.
51) I love puns.
52) I had goose bumps and nightmares when I finished reading “1984.”
53) I think everyone in the world ought to read it.
54) And “Fahrenheit 451.”
55) And “Have Spacesuit Will Travel”
56) And “Dandelion Wine.”
57) I don’t like photos of myself.
58) My computer is five years old.
59) These entries are getting shorter and shorter because I can’t think of 100 things that might interest anyone.
60) I have every note, card, or picture that any Sunday School child has ever given me.
61) Some of these people are adults now.
62) This is taking a lot longer than I expected it would.
63) I like to try new things as long as they are explained to me well.
64) My favorite sandwich is Pastrami and Swiss on Rye.
65) Or Corned Beef and Swiss on Rye.
66) I am not superstitious about the number “6” and won’t change my order at a restaurant if the total is $6.66.
67) I do believe in the Mark of the Beast.
68) I believe the King James Bible is the Word of God for our time.
69) I don’t always live by it as I should.
70) I am a rock, I am an island (just checking to see if you’re still here.).
71) I despise e-mails that spread Urban Legends.
72) Or think I am stupid enough to believe them.
73) I just hate stupid people, I think they ought to have to wear a sign that says, “I’M STUPID” so you won’t bother with them.
74) Sometimes I need a sign.
75) I have friends who should have permanent tattoos that say it.
76) Knock on wood that I am not superstitious.
77) I am also not superstitious about the number “7” and was at a camp meeting on July 7, 1977 when God was gonna come. He didn’t. He will when he wants to.
78) I should have graduated in 78 instead of 77.
79) I think retro fashions are hilarious.
80) I’m glad I saved all my ties.
81) I love Altoids.
82) I think Charles Dickens is the author who comes closest to imitating real life.
83) I think Charlie Daniel’s Soapbox is a must-read as is his “Open Letter to the Media from March 4, 2003:
84) I hate TV.
85) I hate Hollyweird.
86) I hate Madison Avenue.
87) I love old-time radio shows, especially the comedies but can’t decide between Fibber Magee and Molly or Abbot and Costello.
88) Tom T. Hall tells some good stories.
89) I believe capital punishment is appropriate for some crimes.
90) I don’t believe abortion is ever appropriate.
91) I don’t care if you think this is a dichotomy in my nature.
92) I think pink would be an ugly color for a gun.
93) I like “Big Band” music.
94) I love my new car (Thanks Margaret).
95) I LOVE Coca-Cola.
96) And Coca-Cola paraphernalia.
97) And milk straight from the cow.
98) And Wisconsin Cheese and Butter.
99) My favorite Bible books are Ecclesiates, Job and Acts.
100) I am happy to be done with this list.

As the Good Book says, If you get too hung up on yourself you’re asking for trouble.

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