Well, Father’s Day was nice. Everyone wishes you well and you are king for a day. The Wayward one called me and told me she still loves me, so that was nice. You know, you love your kids but it is ever an amazement to me how DIFFERENT they all really are! They can be raised in the same household with the same parents and all just be so widely different.

The ladies at church were having a bake sale and Grandma Pike asked one of the ladies to bake something special for me and she paid extra to have a special present to give to me for Father’s Day. A German Chocolate Cake! Yum-yum! Margaret had taken me out to lunch Friday and breakfast Saturday and made a special pork roast/stew type of thing for Sunday.

Herb, why are you writing about Father’s Day so late? Well, because I already had my entries thought up and written for the other stuff. Sometimes I go through a dry time other times I have a lot of ideas. Well, I always have lots of ideas, but just not always ones to write about.

Did you ever go on the rides at the fair when you were a kid? Maybe you still do. The outrageously overpriced amusement parks always have long lines. Did you ever find one that you and your friend(s) liked that went up and down and round and round faster and faster and when you got off you were all dizzy and wobbly-legged and pukey and you all said, “Let’s do that again?!?” Life is like that sometimes.

Remember, the Good Book says, “Life is like an amusement park ride, full of ups and downs and going round in circles and swearing you’ll never ride that ride again but getting right back on it.”

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