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Monday the Thirteenth

(Okay, so I didn’t get this posted until Tuesday, yesterday WAS Monday the 13th, after all.)

Greetings, fans, friends, fiends and foes. I haven’t got much to say, but as you know, that has never stopped me from saying it before. (Soosan, There was an article in the new Writer’s Digest about writer’s block possibly being laziness, go figure) I guess some random stuff. I have a couple of ranting tirades I could go on, but actually I am in a pretty good mood today.

Well, blogophiles, I wound up at the main blogdrive screen, because my password had expired or something and glanced at the “blogdrive favorites” list. One that caught my eye was called, “Abby Normal.” It sounded interesting and it was. A veritable plethora of subjects all looked at with a good-natured mild humor. Exceptionally well-written and articulate, is definitely a must-read. Not a lot of slow-loading graphics to bog you down, either.

Some blogs and websites are so full of graphics and fancy little gizmos and gewgaws that by the time the page loads I can’t figure out what you meant to say. Sometimes a simple smiley is better than a rocket full of fireworks. Like writers who feel they must emphasize every line with an exclamation point or several!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean, really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, the variety and readability is equal to that of Sam’s blog which I read every day. In fact, Sam’s I went back and read all of his entries from the very beginning and I am going to try that with this new one. As time permits, of course.

I am loving the new car. A double-ought Dodge Intrepid. It is wonderful and such a joy to drive. Soosan, will be interested to know that it is way too easy to go way too fast in this car. I barely touch the accelerator and find myself going along at 65, feeling like it’s 20. It has some “oomph” to it. I haven’t had opportunity to “see what this baby can do”, but she ain’t no slouch, that’s for sure.

So, any triskaidekaphobics out there? It is Monday the 13th as I am sure that Garfield will quickly point out today. Oh, and yes I did spell Triskaidekaphobia by myself, thank you very much Ashley .

Some other blogs I read are (this is not a complete list, of course):

And don’t forget to read the assorted writings of my various friends on All you have to do is ask and I will invite you to write on it.

Well, I will not get this posted if I don’t post it so I am going to post it.

Remember the Good Book says, “In the Beginning God…”

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