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Savannah Melody Update

Okay. Finally got the pix uploaded. If you bookmark this is my main gallery page. My stupid camera broke and i have to use film cameras, so it may take a little extra time.

Isabel is in one hospital and the baby is in another so we are taking the daily pix for her. We may cut back and my blog get back to as normal as it ever is in a short time. I don’t know.

I may also wind up having to delete Professor Googleheimer’s pix if storage space gets short, but I don’t know.

By the time she was 48 hours old, she had lost only half an ounce of weight. She has developed a slight case of jaundice which is common at these altitudes and is being treated in the standard way, with the Black Lights.

So far she is doing well, thanks to the prayers of so many people in so many places praying for her. Thank you all.

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