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Quick Updates

August 10, 2005 Herb 0
Well, I have finished making my morning rounds of everyone’s blogs. I use that as an excuse to not write in my own. “Oops,” says Herb, “Ran out of time this morning, guys, reading all of your entries and didn’t have time Continue Reading[...]
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E-Mail Etiquette

August 5, 2005 Herb 2
Here are a couple of things I’ve been wondering about lately. Is there an appropriate number of responses to an e-mail? When you e-mail someone and begin a discussion, he or she will write back, you answer with a question, they respond, Continue Reading[...]
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August 1, 2005 Herb 0
Sorry I haven’t updated in a few days, but Tabitha had to have her appendix out. Normally this is a day in and a day out, but she had some extra pains that they wanted to watch, but now that everything is Continue Reading[...]
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Tabitha’s Birthday

July 26, 2005 Herb 0
Saturday was Tabitha’s 16th birthday. To celebrate, we went with family (Ben, Isabel, Savannah, Elizabeth, Abigail, Grandma, Me, Margaret, and, oh yeah, Tabitha) and friends (Ashley and her sister, Racquel) to the Country Dinner Playhouse up in Denver to see Continue Reading[...]
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Strange But True

July 19, 2005 Herb 2
Every Year our church hosts a large youth conference called “Heritage.” One of its purposes is to help the young people learn about and recall the roots of Pentecostalism in the USA and understand the things that we believe and teach. Actually, Continue Reading[...]
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The Bunny

July 17, 2005 Herb 3
NEVER give a pet to a child without getting permission from the kid’s parents first. Both of ’em, if applicable. Reading Abby Normal’s blog entry of 7/14/05, Pet Peeves, I left a comment about the style of cage I like for Continue Reading[...]
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On Updates

July 9, 2005 Herb 0
Okay, I apologize for not updating very often, but sometimes there are, Oh I know you won’t believe this, but, sometimes there are more important things that the internet. Occasionally there are even more important things in life than blogging. What sacrilege Continue Reading[...]
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100 Things About Herb

June 25, 2005 Herb 0
Warning, I don’t know when my computer is going to go down for the last time. Very soon, methinks. I turned it on and the display was all weird and my sound is gone. It is in its last death throes and Continue Reading[...]
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June 22, 2005 Herb 0
Haven’t found any pictures yet, but we had such a bad hailstorm yesterday, the first day of summer and the end of Springtime in the Rockies, they had to call the snowplows out. This is not a joke like Abby Normal did Continue Reading[...]
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June 21, 2005 Herb 0
Well, Father’s Day was nice. Everyone wishes you well and you are king for a day. The Wayward one called me and told me she still loves me, so that was nice. You know, you love your kids but it is ever Continue Reading[...]
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Google Yourself

June 20, 2005 Herb 0
I read a good article in the new “Writer’s Digest” the other day. It is the July 2005 issue with the girl on the cover who is holding her laptop as though she just won the $3000 prize in their contest. Anyway, Continue Reading[...]
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Thrift Stores

June 18, 2005 Herb 0
Happy Father’s Day to everyone! I hope every dad gets exactly what he wants today and not exactly what he deserves. You dads know what I mean. Similar to Carter’s favored sport of Dumpster Diving is my favored sport, Thrift Store shopping. Continue Reading[...]