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Be It Hereby Resolved

January 2, 2006 Herb 0
Before I start this, I just want to say “thanks” to everyone that comes here.  You guys are really the best.  I appreciate EVERY comment and thank you for taking your time to share Continue Reading[...]
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A Few Traditions

December 20, 2005 Herb 0
I have noticed that many bloggers are, I don’t know, feelin’ the blues or just somewhat cynical about the Christmas Holiday season. (Do Jewish people have the same problem with Chanukah? I Continue Reading[...]
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Christmas pt 1

November 28, 2005 Herb 0
Well, first of all, I have to say that I am a little disappointed in the response to the Red Kettle group. No donations and no one joining. I guess I’ll e-mail Continue Reading[...]
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Givethanksing Day

November 20, 2005 Herb 0
The problem with pet peeves is that they are so hard to take care of. You think they’re under control and not going to cause any more trouble; you’ve stroked them and Continue Reading[...]
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June 21, 2005 Herb 0
Well, Father’s Day was nice. Everyone wishes you well and you are king for a day. The Wayward one called me and told me she still loves me, so that was nice. Continue Reading[...]
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Thrift Stores

June 18, 2005 Herb 0
Happy Father’s Day to everyone! I hope every dad gets exactly what he wants today and not exactly what he deserves. You dads know what I mean. Similar to Carter’s favored sport Continue Reading[...]
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Strange Incident

April 21, 2005 Herb 0
An incident happened with my dad that I thought was somewhat strange. I do not know if you will recall my talking about my dad’s brother, Herbert, for whom I was Continue Reading[...]
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Getting Back

April 18, 2005 Herb 0
The highlights of the trip for the grandparents were, of course, seeing the new great-grandbaby. She is over 9 pounds now! They were really excited to be able to hold her. What Continue Reading[...]