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Category: Sunday School

  • Zero Year

    Zero Year

    This new year of 2020 is filled with numbers ending in zero for me and my family. Several significant personal events are coming up this year. Twenty years ago I survived the awful calamity of the infamous “Y2K Bug.” This year on February 18, Grandma Pike turns ninety years old.…

  • The Wise Man Built His House On The Duplos

    The Wise Man Built His House On The Duplos

    When you are teaching Sunday School to ten, eleven, and twelve-year-olds one of the problems that you run into is that they either know everything or know nothing, often both. When you have a very familiar story then sometimes you want to find a different angle to come at it…

  • Accountability


    A few years ago I started to try to challenge some of our young people to read the Bible through in a year with varying success. Some really took up the challenge and did it that first year. A couple of them had a false start that year but picked…

  • How To Act

    How To Act

    Still rebuilding but I also have to maintain my (25 days, so far) streak! Go me! The Good Book, the real one, the Bible, is full of all kinds of awesomeness but one of the things it really does well is to help a person live life to the fullest.…

  • KJV Or NIV

    KJV Or NIV

    I think the version of the Bible you read and memorize is important. For most of the important doctrines of the Bible, One God, Salvation, Separated Living, I think you can show the basics in any version but when you get down to it, the NIV really waters down who…

  • What Do You Represent?

    What Do You Represent?

    Life is full of symbols and representations. My work uniform represents something. People see it and form ideas, right or wrong, about me based on what they have seen or been exposed to previously. I have always been conscious of this whenever I have had a job that had a…

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