The Brutality Of The Time To Eat A Donut

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Here’s The Haps:

Well, it’s only been one post, so far and already I am thinking of getting away from the list of words I started out with. I don’t know, though, yet. These posts will be, of course, of varying quality but they are going to be pretty short, for me, and I hope you enjoy them.

The thing is, time is brutal. If it takes you five minutes to eat a Bavarian cream-filled donut, or five minutes to tie your shoe, or five minutes to type up a sentence that is somewhat cohesive and coherent, it’s all the same. It’s five minutes. Where the problem comes in is our perception of time. If we are blessed to have had someone give us said donut, the five minutes (I’m not trying to eat like a total barbarian, of course, which would be easy for me to do) feels like five seconds because we enjoy it so much.

One of my many issues, or problems, depending on who you talk to, is that I overthink things way too much and overexplain. I don’t do what they call “mansplaining,” which I understand to be speaking to a woman in a condescending manner as though she knows nothing, but really I overexplain many things to all kinds of people. And it’s probably the overthinking thing that sets it off.

But there is nothing like eating a Bavarian Cream filled donut and whether it takes five minutes or five seconds, the time is brutally short.


  1. Good thoughts, although I’ve never eaten a Bavarian cream donunt and it’s never taken me five minutes to eat any donut. Not even a minute, I suspect. LOL!

  2. This sounds like a pound of feather is the same as a pound of iron and there is no way on earth that I can ever eat just one of any good thing from a bakery because I am a hog for sugar and sweet treats. I desperately love and crave apple fritters with glaze on them.

  3. The last donut I ate was twenty-years ago, until, my neighbor dropped off a dozen a few weeks ago, just being a nice fellow. Momo and me were hesitant to taste one. I did, and found out why I rejected them so long ago. Heartburn, chestigestion, sugar overload and all the other stuff. One bite.

  4. Thanks for sharing this, Herb! It’s funny because I recently did eat a jelly filled donut like a barbarian on my way out the door and made a massive jelly stain on my carpet. I had time but I spent it worried that I was going to be late to a rather unimportant meeting. Ultimately I had to spend more time and energy working to remove a carpet stain. Something that could have been avoided if I just took 5 minutes to enjoy my donut and live in that moment.

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