Something I Learned about WordPress on NaBloPoMo #7

Herb’s Blog, Herbdate 23286 – 1171

Here’s the haps:

So, in yesterday’s post I mentioned the fact that I can import photos from my Google photos and it seemed to work just fine. The way it works is that WP imports your photo from Google to your media folder. Along the way it scales them down to a useful size and weight. By weight I mean it goes from 3 Mb to 387 Kb. This might be a useful tool along the way, we’ll have to see.

Oh, and the bear stopped by the other night but all the trash that might be interesting to him was in the bear-proof trashcan. He obviously tried to get into it, though.


  1. hi, herb! i saw your post in my WP reader, but it would not allow me to “like” or “comment” unless i came directly to your website. are these new changes? … or is my WP just acting-up again?

    the fact that you have bears large enough to push over the trash can is scary– unless of course, you turn it upside-down to make it bear-proof?

  2. I had the same problem on WP reader that the others describe.

    My problem is not bears but raccoons. After several years’ respite I had to re-start my habit of tying my trash can lid down with a bungee cord.

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