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I Possess A Sly and Wily Scheme

Herb’s Blog, Herbdate 23216 – 1152

Here’s the haps:

I need to write. I also like to blog and one of the reasons I started blogging was to exercise my writing, which I’m not doing enough. I also love humor, memes, cartoons, jokes, and especially puns.

If I were ever punished
For every little pun I shed
I’d hie me to a punny shed
And there I’d hang my punnish head

Attributed to Samuel Johnson

My clever strategy intends to post something more frequently, even if it is just meme dumps. I have so many saved that I haven’t used I could probably start a separate blog just for that but I don’t need another site to maintain and besides, I like having you here. It seems that my standard meme dumps have been around a baker’s dozen (13 if you aren’t familiar with the phrase). That seems to be the number that I can stand before I start to wander away myself, so I will likely be doing more meme dumps but not the oversized ones.

“Don’t talk about it; write.”

Ray Bradbury

“The main thing about writing is… writing. Sitting your butt down in the chair and doing the work.”

Ben Fountain

“Miracles are in the wings, in the ink of unopened typewriter ribbons, craving release.”

Joyce Carol Oates

Out of Ephraim was there a root of them against Amalek; after thee, Benjamin, among thy people; out of Machir came down governors, and out of Zebulun they that handle the pen of the writer.

(Judges 5:14)


30 responses to “I Possess A Sly and Wily Scheme”

  1. Ehna War Avatar

    I hugely relate with that Authors and their plot twist meme. Keep the Memes coming ! We love it!

    1. Herb Avatar

      Thank you. Yeah, I need to hammer down on my consistency in posting.

  2. Jacqui Murray Avatar

    Great start to my day, Herb. Why are so many muses dictatorial?

    1. Herb Avatar

      I almost prefer the dictatorial one to the first one looking at her phone, lol.

  3. Geoff Stamper Avatar

    I do not know why I procrastinate on writing when even the commenters and tweeters are not reading anyway!

    1. Herb Avatar

      On those momentous occasions when you do update, I always read your stuff. And enjoy it!

  4. Amusives Avatar

    You like puns! – that is the understatement of the day!
    This from ‘Author Unknown’: Why do writers have to tell the truth?
    Because if not, they would be called wrongers.

    1. Herb Avatar


  5. Phil Strawn Avatar

    Fiction is the root of all happiness, keep writing and making stuff up. It’s a tortured existence, one of a writer. Hemmingway said to be one is to; ” sit down at the typewriter and bleed.” I get it.

    1. Herb Avatar

      But it’s something I have to do anyway, crazy as it sounds.

  6. colinmcqueen Avatar

    For me, it is therapy. Sit down at the typewriter – yeh, well, let’s let that one go for now – and breathe, I say.

    1. Herb Avatar

      It’s therapy for me, too, a lot of times. Some of the most therapeutic stuff never sees the light of day, though.

      1. colinmcqueen Avatar

        Ah yes, I too have written many of those posts…

  7. dumbestblogger Avatar

    Zebulun would be a pretty epic name for a writer.

    1. Herb Avatar

      I hadn’t thought about it but yeah, what a great pen name.

      1. dumbestblogger Avatar

        There’s a Ralph Moody book where he talks about a guy named Zebulon Montgomery Pike, after the guy for whom Pike’s Peak is named.

        1. Herb Avatar

          Wow. Well, people do tend to name their kids that way. For better or worse.

          1. dumbestblogger Avatar


          2. dumbestblogger Avatar

            BTW, if you’re not familiar with Ralph Moody I think you would really like his books.

            1. Herb Avatar

              I did a very cursory lookup of him and I think you might be right.

  8. J P Avatar

    Procrastination is my natural habitat.

    1. Herb Avatar

      Mine too, unfortunately. Although it has been an advantage on occasion.

  9. Petra Avatar

    Keep it going, it’s about building a habit and that always works.

    1. Herb Avatar

      Yes, ma’am and it’s the habit building that I am weakest on.

      1. Petra Avatar

        I think we all are. There’s a really good book about building habits called Atomic habits, I liked that one of the recommendations is to just stick a new habit you want to build on top of an existing habit. I found it worked for me in a lot of cases.

        1. Herb Avatar

          Sounds worth a try. Thanks for the tip. Just glancing at the synopsis of the book it sounds doable.

  10. da-AL Avatar

    Misery loves company lol. Wondering why puns get such a bad rap. We all love them. Maybe we’re just jealous we didn’t come up with it first?

    1. Herb Avatar

      That’s my case, for sure. “I wish I had thought of that one.”

      1. da-AL Avatar

        maybe it should be more along the lines of ‘pardon for the interruption because now it’s time for us to share a good chuckle’?

        1. Herb Avatar

          Hmmm…You might be onto something.

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