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As some of you may remember from our Grand Canyon road trip, one of the things we wanted to do was ride the steam train from Durango to Silverton. That didn’t work out that time due to wildfire concerns so it’s still on our list of things we want to do. There is so much to do in our beautiful state that I might have been able to pull off an a – z of just Colorado, maybe. Having now driven Wolf Creek Pass I’ve got another C.W. McCall song to fulfill:

There are a lot of other things to do in the area including visiting the historical and mysterious cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde. The cliff dwellings are a pretty amazing site. For an in-depth look at some excellent pictures and more history on that part I suggest looking at Michael Stephen Wills Photography blog category Mesa Verde. The train is a must for us, especially me, personally, but just like the rest of our state, there is so much to see. I like to drive on the mountain roads and there is a pass and a hot springs that sound like they’re worth seeing so we might drive up Highway 550 to Silverton and possibly on to Ouray. I did find a couple of touristy videos to look at:

Likelihood of this happening within the next year: 64+%
I’ve decided to add in on these: Likelihood of this happening in my lifetime (Lord willing, as I said in the first couple of posts): 100%
Likelihood of running into someone I know or met on the Internet: ?%


  1. We’ve been over that Million Dollar Highway twice now in the last 9-years of our full-time RV lifestyle. The colors alone were so intense it brought tears to my eyes and I thanked God for the eyes he gave me to see the beauty He created!
    Mesa Verde is awesome in that you can get right IN some of their ‘homes’. Bill & I wanted to take the train all the way to Silverton tho due to the time of year we went, because of snow, we only got to go halfway, stopping at a place along the river and explored a little, had lunch then went back into Durango.
    We were thrilled to meet and greet a couple of our beloved Broncos & cheerleaders at the Durango park one day as well. You are right in that there truly is so much to see and do in just Colorado alone! Have you been up to Mount Evans? Fabulous drive that does not disappoint!

    • I have the Mount Evans drive to do and a few others. Taking an RV on the Million Dollar road sounds pretty brave, to me. lol.

      • It was scary to say the least for me! Being up higher in a seat made me feel like we were going to drive right off the road several times plus there are some harrowing side drops that looked as tho were you to get too close to the guardrail, you’d be a goner! Also felt that on the Silverton train ride. If heights aren’t your thing, don’t get a window seat! 😂

        • I’ll take the window seat but I’m not sure about the rest of my crew, lol. Pikes Peak is the same way, pretty much.

  2. Durango has always been a favorite destination for us, though we have not been there now for… um… 30+ years? First time I was there was with a choir tour from Albuquerque; we sang at Fort Lewis College. When we lived in Colo. Spgs we went there at least 3 or 4 times (late 1980s; I was teaching at USAFA). Love Wolf Creek Pass and Pagosa Springs!

  3. I’ve heard Colorado is beautiful, and I hope you soon get to do those things. We’re about an hour from Banff, and I spend two summers at the Banff Centre in a writer’s course. I don’t get there enough at all. You might inspire me to actually travel around Alberta a bit. This was an interesting post at always, Herb.

  4. That train ride is really … dangerous and exciting. This is the down side of living in a beautiful place. You want to take the risk just for the sake of the scenery and think that the danger is worth it.

    • It isn’t really too dangerous, even though it looks like it. The train has been running for over 136 years and no one has ever died.

  5. You keep mentioning places I’ve never been (like Durango) but I actually have been to the top of Mt. Evans. You should do it!

  6. I remember leaving Durango after meeting up with an online riding sister during my 2005 motorcycle trips. I stopped and took some photos of the train – it was amazing to watch!

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