1. I am just going to forget about all the hoop-la and cut myself a big slice of key-lime pie. Of course my favorites are pecan, apple, coconut cream, chocolate (which burns my stomach for some reason) and I am an occasional fan of Pie In The Sky! LOL

  2. I am a math moron, and my first year of teaching, I had to teach remedial math. I felt like such a fraud. I would learn the concept the day before a new unit from the real math teacher.

  3. Ok, I know that pi = 3.1416 (I’m a lazy rounder). But what I have never understood is 3.1416 OF WHAT? Is 1 pi the same as 3.1416 turnovers? Or 3.1416 cakes? Being the same as 3.1416 of some unidentified mystery thing seems quite unhelpful.

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