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Here’s the haps:

Friend of this blog, Geoff Stamper over at Suicide Squeeze (it’s a baseball play, don’t fret), wrote recently that he and Mollie have been married for 53 years. That’s pretty great. I mentioned in a previous post that Margy from Amusives has also been married 53 years and Lady Margaret and I will have been married 43 years this coming June.

I thought we were all doing pretty good but then I saw this piece about Morty and Alice who just renewed their vows, married 72 years! When I heard the daughter say their secret was, “My dad always listens to my mother” I was reminded of the sign that hung in Grandma Kasten’s kitchen for years:

Available everywhere as far as I could tell.

Couple married 72 years renews vows


  1. Hahaha, “click I do” is so cute. Married for 72 years, they look so healthy together. How many stories they can tell and how many they will not tell…

  2. We were recently asked why we thought our marriage had lasted 53 years. After some consideration, The Car Guy and I thought it was because we gave each other enough ‘space’. Over the years that varied from the fact that his job meant he was away from home on regular rotation or a house where we could each have separate man/woman ‘caves’ or even something as simple as get-up and go-to-bed times that gave each of us alone time at both ends of the day (one of is a night owl and the other an early bird…)

  3. Working in the construction business I am often in contact with men who are inclined to make significant decisions without the aid of their wives. When such an occasion arrives I often ask them if they want to make a phone call before giving me a definitive answer. I do some good things for humanity.

  4. Heartiest congrats to all the lovely wedded couples. I feel that the couples of yesterday are more of survivors of long wedded bliss than those to marry these days. Divorce is rampant these days as tolerance is lesser for younger couples, which is sad. So proud and best wishes to all the wedded couples.

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