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Here’s the haps:

We have had sickness around here. I have (hopefully had. I may be over the worst of it) a nasty stomach bug along with flu-like symptoms. I will, of course, spare you the details because most people can figure out what I mean by that. It was bad enough to keep me out of church. I’ve spent the weekend and much of today in my pajamas either in bed or the bathroom.

Now, one of the Bloguary prompts was, “What is something you learned recently?” It just so happened that I read a very educational article on The Babylon Bee about an important scriptural question.


Scholars Now Believe Pharaoh Had His Head Baker Hanged For Putting Walnuts In Brownies

From Babylon Bee:

EGYPT — Scholars have uncovered new evidence showing that Pharaoh’s infamous hanging of his chief baker was a result of discovering walnuts in his brownies.

“I’m sorry, but this is disgusting and I’m going to have to kill you,” Pharaoh is believed to have said. “I was so pumped for this brownie, and just wow – what a letdown. Get the noose!”

Recorded in the book of Genesis, the story of the head baker’s seemingly unwarranted execution has long puzzled Bible scholars. “We have always wondered what exactly a baker could do to warrant instant hanging. It all makes sense now,” said Old Testament Studies professor Dr. Lisa Gold. “Walnuts in a brownie? He’s lucky Pharaoh didn’t feed him to the lions.”

In the Genesis account, the baker initially asks Joseph to interpret a dream in which birds are eating baked goods out of three baskets on his head. “Yeah, he’s going to straight up kill you,” responded Joseph. “I don’t know why exactly, but it’s clear you deserved it. Anything else I can help with?”

Scholars also say that the baker’s initial imprisonment was most likely due to an ill-fated attempt to make gluten-free pancakes.


And I say it served him right!


  1. Thanx sooo much for the Babylon Bee article!! This has been a constant source of church splits and family arguments here in Kentucky, and this will go a long way to providing ammunition to those of us who knew we were always right in the first place! 🤨 We now have an authority backing us up!!
    Praying for you, my friend. Whatever you do, do not get another booster of mRNA!!
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

  2. What is it about walnuts? When my kids were little they refused to eat anything that contained visible chunks of walnut. They certainly didn’t mind the flavor, because I put black walnut extract in brownies and cakes and they ate those without any problem, but if they could see the walnuts, then forget about it. The same principle applied to visible pieces of bell pepper in their spaghetti sauce. I had to put the peppers in the blender with the tomato sauce and blend it mercilessly until the peppers were completely pulverized, and then my kids would eat it. The things we mothers of fussy eaters have to do…

  3. Wish you will get better soon. Sorry to hear that. And I have to say some people really hate walnuts for no apparent reason. Or somebody doesn’t like cilantro. I didn’t know chef is such a dangerous job.

  4. A month has gone by, so you should be hale and hearty.

    Walnuts? I don’t care for them plain, but I like them in baked goods. We are pro-walnut when it comes to brownies at our house. Plus, we make them with walnut oil. With the kinds of divisions we see in the country today, I would understand if you ban me on your site and stop visiting mine. 😁

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